a term used when control of the vocal cords is lost. A Loud yell
"Honey I got my hand stuck in a bagel machine, merrrrrrrr"
by muncleowns April 30, 2008
A derogatory term that implies the person in reference is of limited mental capacity.
When used alone, mer takes on the meaning of duh.
Derived from the sound that is commonly, and ignorantly, associated with that of a person who has mental disabilities. (retard, tard)
Commonly confused with the urban slang meh.
1. You're such a mer.
2. Mer*
by Kzin July 14, 2006
masturbating in other people's showers.
eating food/ drink that most would not consider.
The food is so mer.
You just merred in my shower.
by Mermann February 07, 2008
A statement of disbeleif. Or a lack of understanding.
A: I walked through a wall
B: Mer.
A: I did.
by Nathan Mann October 19, 2006
When you take too much Rittlin *which has no side effects* and little Christina Aguilera monsters start trying to eat you by sneaking up on you in the lunch line and during Phil Collins concerts, you will inevitably hear the sound of "mer".
::scuffle of Christina Aguilera monster's eight feet::

by Lelio August 26, 2004
Used as and expression of felling, or to replace other words, and things
'did you see what that n00b just did, god he's mer!'
instead of omg ' oh Mer?',
someone says something to you, pause for a few secs look at them say MER and act as if you don't care
by LaGe||| December 13, 2003
1. The french word for ocean/sea.
2. A Nine Inch Nails song that kicks ass.
1. "(insert french words) mer (more french words)"
"Ze sea ees beeutifal at dis time ov night, oui?"

2. "What are you listening to?"
"nin - la mer"
by meowlet June 05, 2005

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