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Adjective: Mixing the two words: mental and retard. Often describing a person who is either an idiot or a lunatic.
Bob's such a mentard for hitting on brittany speares!
by Bean January 27, 2004
men.tard (n.) 1. mental retard,
~.ed - mentally retard
~.ed.ness - how mentarded you are.
Tiffany is a mentard.
by Andrew... November 17, 2005
opposite of a mentor . one who dispenses poor or ignorant advice.
my boss is my mentard at work
by kize September 04, 2010
A person who has difficulty grasping simple concepts that is being mentored by a mentorer
Sally is a scholar, Jimmy wants to be a scholar but he is a bit slow at understanding scholarly concepts. Jimmy is Sally's mentard.
by Soitenlysue June 10, 2009