Derives from the adjective temperamental: a person used to sudden changes in mood.
Because Americans can't spell, the word has been shortened to the last two syllables, but everybody has forgotten about the original spelling. That's why shortening words is always a bad idea.
"Hey, that guy down there is so temperamental."
"Is he what? Speak English, man."
"I said he is TEMPERAMENTAL."
"Oh yeah, he is mental all right!"
by Antidogma September 17, 2011
stupid, dumb, idiotic (from mentally retarded, derogatory)
That kid is so mental. He makes Homer Simpson look smart.
by Light Joker January 12, 2006
To power your way through a difficult situation by sheer strength of mind and bull-headedness.
When you're in deep doo-doo, you've just gotta mental your way through it.
by Nome de plume May 07, 2008
Beat of a song; Background music.
Also used as "mentals"
The mental on that song is fire.
by R November 29, 2004
Used by neds, well-respected, cool. See also sound
by He who shall not be named July 15, 2003
Mental is a common word of the species called chav.

In chavvish, mental means something is good and if they say something is mental they probably like it.
Chav: Iz guna share ma fag wid ya n that.

2nd Chav: Mental! Huz up n giz me it n dat.
by Chav Punisher May 17, 2005
Band from Boston.


"siked to see mental again!!"
by Ram A Dan November 15, 2004

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