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A tent filled with only males, and this tent is such in which no girls are allowed in.
Dude I ain't bunking in a ment. Fuck that shit. It's a sausage fest in there.
by LOLWUTZAPZ February 03, 2011
A tent filled with only male humans... and this tent is such in which no girls are allowed....!
Want to go sit in the ment?

I sure do Man.
by ColtDoopie69 May 16, 2009
Fuck lil wayne, and his man kissing ass. oh yeah, the example has to contain the word MENT, oh shit, there it goes. cool. fuck lil wayne.
by Filthy Wish Dragon October 10, 2012
A ment is a cross between "Men" and "Tent". A ment is what you get when several men create a tent together.
Note: Ment must be said with a manly and tough tone. "MEHHNT!!!"
Chris: "Prepare yourselves gentlemen, we are about to create a MENT!"
by Zanda Panda August 29, 2008
to mean to do something
i ment to go to the park today
by Othail August 24, 2008
short for mentally retarded; a retard
Hey Cory, check out the ment in the wheelchair.
Susan, you're such a ment, wipe that drool from your face.
by Kousy March 10, 2007
a word used by rixes
by <3 April 03, 2003