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known to mempholk as the "m-town"- crunkest city in tennessee, look out for "memphis 10" street apparel, fresh as fuck
"we some m-town niggas and we gonna turn it out, memphis 10 in this mutha fucka ho, shut yo mouth!"

"we all got dem new memphis 10 north north shirts, mufuckas fresh maine"
by eric June 29, 2004
Nickname also called "M-Town" Crunkest city ever in the South.Hell, it is the crunkest city ever. Crazy folks who can buck. Down in Memphis ,anything can happen.
Better not fvck with the best, or da Memphis folks will tear yo ass up.
"Mane,why is you're ankle look twisted?"

"I lost in a bucking contest in Memphis 10."
by MemphisMuzicGirl on Y!A October 24, 2008
(1)A city in the state of Tennessee.
(2)Woofers (speakers) that have a 10" radius made by the company Memphis Audio.
"Im from dat Memphis10 representin dat
big T N.."
"Damn, that mug got 8 memphis10's in his ride"
by ShoVel July 24, 2003
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