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an app that started out just for android devices. In the beginning, memes were uploaded by the app creators and users were friendly and carried interesting conversations in the comment section. After Novageko allowed Apple users to join and people to upload their own images it all went downhill. Now Memedroid is full of reposts,trolls and little kids. Among the chaos, however, you will find the quirky and outrageous community that laughs and cries together. Ive been here through it all and can highly recommend giving it a try, you just might like us.
Guy A: "Hey, youre a memedroider?"
Guy B: "Yeah, Once you get past all the horny 12 year olds the app isnt so bad."
Guy A: "True."
by skylar..... February 23, 2014
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An app used to share funny pictures (commonly known as memes nowadays.) It was originally an android exclusive, meaning it had original content and some good memes that could give you a little giggle or two. All of this changed after the iphone update though. Moderation started being spammed with cancerous content and reposts, soon enough the gallery was being flooded with facebook "memes" and shitposts, as it was too much for moderation to handle at that time. After some time trolls started to appear (ex: ass_faggot, alliesend, batchbc, etc.) over time the app worsened, creating even worse trolls, shitposters, and botters. The app sounds like a shitty ifunny/9gag clone, but it's community gives it tte charm that makes it stand out from the countless other meme sites.
Idiot: haha harambe meemees are so funny XD
Memdroider: leve that shitty normie meme in 2016
Idiot: well look at this facebook meemee, it's pretty funny right?
Memedroider: I will rape your family including your pets if you ever approach me with your weak meme game again
by Chickenbooce January 21, 2017
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An app to view dank memes, which slowly turns to shit with reposts and retards, possibly a homosexual dating app
Hey Frank have you seen Cold-Solid's new post on Memedroid? That weeaboo piece of shit is posting anime again
by Cold-Solid December 07, 2016
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