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To mellow out, to take things slowly, to water down so to speak, to make things less hyped out
The CD was mellowed out
"Dude, this CD has mellowed out considerably..."
by Lonnie March 12, 2005
1) genial, chill, easy-going, easy to get along with, calm, and every other agreeable synonym.

you don't need to worry about this person freaking out on you, or being bipolar for that matter.
they won't stab you in the back and usually approach things with a certain soft, relaxed appeal.

2) slightly and pleasantly intoxicated
3) Pleasantly high from a drug, especially from smoking marijuana.
4) Moist, rich, soft, and loamy. Used of soil.
He's such a mellowed-out kid.
by katarax April 16, 2009

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