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to chill out, relax, settle down
"He was really mad so we all told him to mellow out"
by Jarred March 02, 2005
Become more relaxed, easygoing, or genial.
"John is so mellow even though he is just twelve years old"
by rhyzx March 13, 2006
not being completely high. on the borderline to where you feel chill and zone out, but you dont geek out and do crazy things.
Yeaa i was fuckin twisted but Big J came late and didnt smoke as much. He was just chillin on the couch just mellowed out n shit.
by JL OBrien February 25, 2008
Chill as shit
Guy at party :"That Abby girl is chill as shit"
Guy at party's friend: "Yea she is sooooo mellow"
by CoffeeTwin September 21, 2011

1. comrade or friend (often used as a term of address).
Yeah I know Tony. That's my mellow, my ace!
by Klasik April 17, 2011
To be relaxed, straight kickin, to be or become chill. Something that is cool, sick dirty, nasty, or flithy.
1. That party was mellow last night.

2."Mackay how you feel today?"
" I feel pretty mellow guy."

3." I'm not gonna lie, that's a pretty mellow car."

by Justin Young and Josh Young August 20, 2008
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