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Melisse is a kind hearted friendly girl who is usually popular but a bitch at times. Gives off death stares and looks as if she is eating your soul. Usually pretty and blonde. Think they are talented at something but really theyre not.
Woah that girl has 50 personalities, she must be a Melisse!
by ThePotatoClub February 08, 2014
Biggest bitch out there. Always think you're after her man but you're clearly not. Walks around like she's queen B, but in reality everyone really hates her - even her best friends. But she's hot. Kinda smart. Arrogant little bitch though.
Girl: wow, look at that girl!

Guy: she's hot but I hear she bitches about EVERYONE.
Girl: she must be a Melisse!
by your romeo August 02, 2016
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