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disease you can contract from using a tanning booth

fancy talk for 'sexified'
Chris: But dad, I heard if you use one of these things you can get something called 'melanoma'
Peter: Ah, dont worry about it, thats just fancy talk for sexified
by The Big Nasty November 13, 2004
fancy talk for sexified.
Chris: But dad, I heard that if you use tanning beds, you could get something called "melanoma".
Peter: Aw, that's just fancy talk for "sexified".
by Gearbox August 11, 2005
what snooki will get soon cuz she spends all day in a tanning booth to look like an oompa loompa.
these ppl should stop tanning all the time and get a life!

i know! they'll get melanoma like Snooki!
by the NINJA Cheesecake December 05, 2010
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