Top Definition
An amalgamation of the words "my" and "negro."
Say: "whats up megro" in place of "whats up my negro."
by C-Wilz February 10, 2008
A narcissistic, self-centered black person
Of course it's "always about him" with Obama, he is a Megro.
by Tom de Plume December 22, 2009
black or negro word for mega.

The words mega & negro put together.
Used by blacks or negro's to describe something big.
Franklin ; Shit homie, that was a megro joint we blazed last night.

Sam ; Fuckin' a it was.
by BlackNoodles January 06, 2008
a mexican who acts black
dude that wet back is trying to be a fucking megro!
by sarah March 31, 2005
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