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(In football/soccer): to beat your opponent in a one-on-one contest by tapping the ball between his legs and running around him before he/she has realized what happened.
"Look at Michael go! He's megged 4 people straight!"
by adr[ii]aninho October 04, 2006
1. To make a sexual comment on an object or towards someone.
2. To make a joke on someone that puts them on "Hush Mouth"
1. You sure like catching "balls" alot
2. You smell like fuckin' shit, and rosated ass bitch!"Super 'megged dude!
by r3dflash April 09, 2009
1. To be owned verbally.

2. To be embarrassed to the point of no possible path of recovery.
Guy 1: I tried to get her digits last night but she cut me down in front of the whole bar.

Guy 2: I know man, she totally megged you!
by TheOwnedOne November 11, 2010
Spec. English slang

adj. to have been screwed over in an arguement or situation
Rich: "Newcastle United are the best!"
Jake: "So how come their trophy cabinet weighs less than helium?"
Rich: "I... Uh..."
Mike: "Ahaha, megged."
by McKenzie February 02, 2005
another way to say freaked--as in freaked out
me and amanda seriously megged out when we heard jackie was pregnant
by kaaade August 02, 2006

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