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robot version of jarv has a big ass rocket welded to his arm da baddest ruffest n meanest baddie of dem all
megatron da baddest bad guy of dem all
by Jarv April 21, 2005
8 115
Leader of the Decepticon Transformers. Transforms into a Walther pistol, but rarely actually does so in the TV series on account of this being a particularly useless thing to transform into. A psychotic, maniacal genius, Megatron is pure of evil and huge of gun.
"Megatron: sort of like Darth Vader, but simultaneously not."
by Popcorn December 01, 2003
384 147
Megatron is a Canadian trademark of Megatron Communications inc. Montreal Quebec Canada.
Since 1989, Megatron is sending fax broadcast in Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, China, Hong Kong, etc.
Megatron Fax Broadcast
Megatron Communications inc.
Megatron Net
Megatron Emailling
Megatron Faxing
Megatron Faxbroadcasting
Service Megatron
by Megatron Communications inc. December 04, 2011
113 15
Evil leader of the Decepticons. His goal is to rule the universe and destroy everyone in his path....even one of his warriors.
Join me and I shall send you into battle, Defy me and I shall send you to oblivion!!--Megatron (from transformers Energon) quote
by Aimee January 10, 2005
147 115
Leader of the deceptacons. The guy who mortally wounded Optimus, losing his identity to Unicron as an indirect result.
"As you should know by now, Megatron is very hard to kill," -Megatron
by AdmiralDavidov August 06, 2005
127 129
Nickname for Detroit Lions wide reciever Calvin Johnson. Has this nickname due to the fact he has huge hands that resemble a Decepticon.
Guy 1: What's the point of watching the Lions, you know they're gonna suck as usual.

Guy 2: Don't be so hasty on your decision, Megatron has been bringing on the TD's recently. They might actually make the playoffs this season.
by viva riolu October 20, 2011
72 103
A penis that exhibits the "grower" characteristic of significantly expanding and lengthening upon erection as opposed to the "shower" characteristic where it is already near maximum size at rest and does not get much bigger upon erection.
Hey, baby. How you doing? Don't be fooled by the Decepticon in my pants. My Megatron is full of destructive force capable of making you/your Starscream.
by BaboonKiller December 08, 2013
2 40
Darren's Penis.
Wow, have you seen Darren's penis? It's a huge Megatron!!
by Fallicd_joe June 22, 2012
5 45