1 One who regurgitates on their own leg and keeps at least 500 pounds of debris in their car.
Megaho can use some of the trash from her car to clean the puke off of her leg.
by Mike Hunt September 04, 2003
Top Definition
One who lacks motivation and continues to let people take advantage of her even though it makes her feel like shit.
If I were a megaho, I would have punctured my throat with a chicken bone a long time ago.
by Ann Onamus September 09, 2003
a handicap person often seen wearing a helmet while sitting in a wheelchair.
Megaho was so drunk she passed out in her front yard.
by hot carl September 03, 2003
The act of making every detail of your existence known to the entire internet via AIM 'away messages'
I almost forgot to megaho about how I'm about to go get a shirt out of my closet and how inconvenient that will be.
by Mike Hunt September 04, 2003
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