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Slang term for Mephedrone, created by a group of Shoreditch kids.
Hey, should we get more mega for tonight?

Do you have any mega?

Do you want a line of mega?
by Mega ranger. August 19, 2010
Larger than life; The bomb-diggity; An omnipresence; Talk of the town; A God among men; Having the Midas touch.
Although Mitch had been dropped on his head many times as a child, he was still the MEGA-man of Gainesville.
by Jensen Bailey June 08, 2005
Its a spanish chicano(Mexican American) word for a dish with fried tortillas mixed with eggs and melted American Cheese.
"hey when you we up in the moring can you cook me some crunchy megas mama??"
by amber p. mart. September 23, 2005
when someone is known round lots of areas.
manz tink he mega.
i am so mega every(gyal)heard of me
by Latrishe May 02, 2005
When something is done amazingly and spectacularly. Used in feerunning and some online games such as Halo and CSS.
That backflip was absolutely mega.
by DeadExit March 27, 2007
Fat buds. Good weed. This word is brought to you from Hawaii! :D
Hey man, you wanna buy the megas???
by NorthKauaiChica March 10, 2005
Not just the North of England. Used extensively in South East Wales to describe the level of greatness.
As in: "Beef Pot Noodle is mega lush"
by ChinkSimon July 26, 2006