Used by teachers to discuss having a cigarette on their break. Usually used in front of the children.
"Hey, are you going to that meeting at recess?"
"Hey, hurry up we have that meeting"
and the most obvious use of the word
"Hey are you coming for a meeting at recess?"
by DonnaM April 16, 2006
When a mans pelvis meets a girls ass.
Man 1: "Sorry i'm late i had this long meeting in the supply closet with the new receptionist."

Man 2: "How did the meeting go?"

Man 1: "She complained that i finished the meeting too soon and she said that she would find a new business partner."
by TTROLLful July 22, 2011
to take a shit
It's 1:15pm time for our daily meeting
by oscar February 06, 2004
An old tradition used by people to gather before the creation of the Internet.
Back in the 1900s, people would gather in meetings to solve problems. But once the Internet was invented, there was no need. Although for many years, stupid people would still find them to be important.
by adventurini April 27, 2015

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