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a rude person who doesnt think about anyone's feelings but themselves. this can be a male, but is mostly referred to a female. This person is a tryhard and thinks only about popularity. the person cannot stand the fact that sometimes they are wrong. in other words, they think that they are always right. this person is a bitch. she tries to make people feel bad and tries to make friends with popular people to raise her well being. sorry honey that aint going to work! this person is into hip-hop/rnb and they think that they can do all the moves and choreography and talk hood. (basically thinking that they are urban..but they arent). if there is a person in your life u can call them a meeny if they are not already labelled..
omg check out my hip hop moves! they are soo cool. everyone likes me. i am always right!! yeah totally. omg omg omg i am soo popular! *this person is meeny*
by Andrew Anton August 05, 2006

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