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A method of decision making mainly used by young children and stoners, as you go by each object you say 1 of the words until you're done with the phrase... there are two versions of this, version 1 is a process of elimination and version 2 is a more quick method.
"eenie meenie miney mo catch a tiger by the toe if he hollars let him go my momma chooses the very best one and you are not it." (continue until theres 1 item left)
v2 (my favorite)
"eenie meenie miney mo catch a faggot by the toe, my momma chooses the straightest one and you are so it"

these are both done with a specific rhythm.
stoner #1: bro, bong or vaporizer?

stoner #2: idk, eenie meenie miney mo dat shit holmes.
by daspseudonym March 07, 2010

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