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A shy, timid, weedy, meek person. Can be found skulking around the halls of a school avoiding people, hunched in the library, or shuffling along purposelessly. Usually small, poorly dressed, and relatively solitary.
Haha that meekster never talks
by i<3eid September 26, 2010
A prominent member of a clan of inept dimwitted buffoons usually related by birth. Often has a comically over-exaggerated belief of his sports acumen. A little sister of the intellectually poor. An Incestuous Basterd.
The 3 Meeksters are a pack of wild hyenas
by NastyOne October 12, 2011
A homosexual threesome among brothers
Cuntie likes to play the quimby in a meekster
by NastyOne October 14, 2011
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