A word of no particular meaning. Can be used to express apathy. Also used as a casual nonchalant greeting in IRC channels. Also a name of a website. Meef is believed to have been invented by orgbot.
Lenin: I just found a meatball on the floor and ate it.

Orgbot: meef
by Lenin March 19, 2005
Top Definition
My short definition for "meef" is this:

"It means funky. In a bad way. Like grandpa's laundry hamper."

This is a word that comes from the German word "mief", which means "an oppressive atmosphere, foul odour, pong, or stink". A German synonym for meef is "gestank". (Does that matter? Perhaps not, but I do think it's a hella funny word.)

I first heard "meef" used by my geek friends from Alberta around 1999. It successfully took root in East Vancouver after a great migration of programmers, DJs, and live P/A geeks to East Van in the late 1990s. In my experience it is normally used as an expletive ("Aaaah! Meef!"), a noun, or an adjective.
"That guy didn't show with the needles, so you'll have to use my old ones. I know, man. It's a meef."

"This beer is tasting kinda old and meefy. Can I grab a fresh one from the fridge?"

"I don't want to go tonight. I just know that Meefopolis is going to show up."
by Thex June 27, 2005
A male queef
#1: Did you get anything from that girl last night?

#2: She made me meef so hard bro, it was indescribable.
by Jordache206 October 04, 2009
A cute phrase/word you say in response to something awkward or when you don't have anything else to say.
Ex 1:

Person 1: I like booty. Random and weird. Lolz

Person 2: ......meef .-.
by SparkleEmoMotion August 01, 2013
Mutually Exclusive Exploratory Friends. When two individuals decide to explore their otherwise platonic friendship to discover any romantic possibilities (aka "talking" or "pre-dating" with no assumed commitments). This term is helpful to embarrass two potential meefs.
1. Friend #1: Are you and that Irish girl dating? You're with her all the time.
Friend #2: No, we're just meefin for now.

2. I totally think Judith and Seamus are meefin. Today we drove by them and shouted "M.E.E.F.!!" and they got all embarrased and hid their faces in their wee scarves.

3. Girl: Hey Meefy! You have the most beautiful tatoo.

Boy: Thanks Meefcakes. You too.

4. Don't disrespect me in public, meef.
5. Meef to Meef: I'm not comfortable with you going to Rudy's with that girl. Do you wish you were Meefin with her instead?
by MarcusnMJ May 09, 2009
a burst of wind out of the butthole of a man; a man queef.
dude! who meefed! it smells like shit
by gus 12 March 13, 2010
meef man-queef

when fucking a guy in the ass the one getting fucked farts, the fart travels up the man whos "pitchings" pee hole then the pitcher lets the gas out thru his pee hole
i just meefed a in his mouth after that asshole farted in my dick.
by herbbie hanson November 10, 2010
Word made up by the 2009-2010 Y11 Students attending Hinde House Secondary School Sheffield, England

They Decided to make a word that means anything you want, however most people often just use it as an optional word for "fit" meaning someone is attractive.

The defination of this word slowly started catching on throughout the city as this year group moved up to college (Longley park) and shared the word with new friends

The word is mostly used as an adjective.
Look at her she's reight Meef.

Oi you Meef head!

What you Meefing about at
by Mortcm November 09, 2010
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