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An insulting name for any scene or genre of music that is of below average quality. Usually used in regards to various hardcore offshoot styles.
New Jersey has a pretty active medio-core scene these days.
by Alex L.. December 07, 2006
Any form of music, usually used to describe any usually overrated band/artist/genre described as "scene" or ending with the suffix "core," used as a negative connotation to indicate their mediocrity in musical complexity, originality, intelligence, talent, etc.
My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Circle Takes The Square, Silverstein, Atreyu, The Used, Hawthorne Heights, 90% of local New Jersey bands, and any bands that call themselves "hardcore" to avoid the connotation of the word "emo."
by b1lskirnir May 05, 2005
The name of a clothing company that sells awesome threads
Hey duder, I just got this sweet shirt by mediocore clothing.
by Jon Kruse May 03, 2008
(from the word - mediocre) a form of music (specifically punk/hardcore punk) that is very simplistic and doesn't require very much talent to play. Often seen in MTV-"punk" bands.
It would be nice if the Medio-Core fans would quit considering themselves punk.
by dødsferd April 08, 2007
a genre of music that is just okay, as opposed to hardcore, metalcore, popcore etc. a play off the word mediocre.
"so, what's their new album like?"
"eh, abit boring. mediocore, actually"
by quince tm July 28, 2008