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Any form of music, usually used to describe any usually overrated band/artist/genre described as "scene" or ending with the suffix "core," used as a negative connotation to indicate their mediocrity in musical complexity, originality, intelligence, talent, etc.
My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Circle Takes The Square, Silverstein, Atreyu, The Used, Hawthorne Heights, 90% of local New Jersey bands, and any bands that call themselves "hardcore" to avoid the connotation of the word "emo."
by b1lskirnir May 05, 2005
An insulting name for any scene or genre of music that is of below average quality. Usually used in regards to various hardcore offshoot styles.
New Jersey has a pretty active medio-core scene these days.
by Alex L.. December 07, 2006
The name of a clothing company that sells awesome threads
Hey duder, I just got this sweet shirt by mediocore clothing.
by Jon Kruse May 03, 2008
(from the word - mediocre) a form of music (specifically punk/hardcore punk) that is very simplistic and doesn't require very much talent to play. Often seen in MTV-"punk" bands.
It would be nice if the Medio-Core fans would quit considering themselves punk.
by dødsferd April 08, 2007
a genre of music that is just okay, as opposed to hardcore, metalcore, popcore etc. a play off the word mediocre.
"so, what's their new album like?"
"eh, abit boring. mediocore, actually"
by quince tm July 28, 2008
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