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Mebbing is face to face hugging in physical stillness, normally with both parties on their side, with or without clothes on, with the expressed intention of relating in an energetic/feeling manner.

Mebbing is different from spooning or snuggling because it is not a comforting act, but a deliberate act of connection; which can allow and enable healing, activation, expanded awareness and the focussed exploration of interpersonal alchemy, without the obvious distractions of the physical and psycho-political nature of sexuality.

Mebbing can normally conclude after an hour or so, with the option of the female giving the male fellatio.
"She said Mebbing was sometimes even better than sex, and that she coud often have multiple orgasm simply through Mebbing.

She said wanted to Meb with me, and that she would give me a blowjob if I Mebbed with her."
by tiggabing November 11, 2010
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