Noun, used in place of a proper name.
1. someone who is persistantly sarcastic, and an ass hole.
2. someone who despite constant ridicule, still uses the phrase "that's what she said.." every 10 to 15 minutes.
Me: "Man, did you see that explosion? That was massive.."

Babcock: "That's what she said.."

Me: "Meatstick, you are a Douche."
by the bluemeanie December 21, 2008
Top Definition
The part of his body a man is most proud of - your schlong, cock, wang, bitch-wacker ... whatever ... its amazing ... just call it God!
Hey guys let's limber up our meat-sticks with a circle jerk and then go bang some bitchmeat.
by superjock October 19, 2007
A wonderful song and choreographed dance concocted by the band Phish.
Time for the meatstick,
bury the meatstick,
take out the meatstick time

whoa, shocks my brain!
by Cass April 13, 2005
1. A stupid person; A blunderous fool.
2. One who resembles a penis.
3. A penis.
Bob thought he could sleep with Sarah by telling her that he owns a Ford Pinto. What a meat stick.
by October 10, 2002
another word used to describe the setinal beam in halo 3, it can also be a word used to describe a gun or a wang
guy: dude..... u just got shot in the face by my meatstick
other guy: ya i know *bleeding*

setinal beam gun halo wang
by silentbob6 February 16, 2010
A man's penis
'My god he had the meatiest meat stick I ever did see.'
by Roule Duke October 09, 2011
A general term for idiot.
<somebody does something stupid>
"What a meatstick."
by Swanneh March 27, 2008
(vulgar slang) A male slut.
Man, youre tryin' to get some play with her while your wife's at home?!!? Dude, you're such a meatstick!
by El Kabong! September 19, 2005
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