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6 definitions by nhoj

Entertainment's level of sophistication/affectation, i.e. high-brow or low brow.
You know, I'll watch just about anything -- roller derby or Francois Truffaut. I don't really care about brow.
by Nhoj June 07, 2004
27 15
Orchestra and literature geeks in 80s high school. Kids who aren't weird enough to be weirdos, not geeky enough to be geeks, not dramatic enough to be drama geeks, and to nerdy to be cool.
I've been hanging out with the semi-weirdos in the orchestra closet at lunch.
by Nhoj June 07, 2004
4 2
To embarrass], making a person feel uncomfortable and want to leave.
I was really arointed when I thought I was waving to Will but it turned out to be some other guy.
by Nhoj June 07, 2004
3 1
my wang
you know....
by nhoj October 29, 2003
37 37
my glass hooka
Lets use the Led Bellie this time.
by nhoj July 26, 2003
2 5
your girlfriend or boyfriend
My meatbag and I saw a movie last night.
by nhoj July 26, 2003
3 59