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1. One who promotes the devouring of animal flesh in an antagonizing way.
2. Those who are judgmental against Vegetarians, Vegans, &/or Fruitarians.
3. Someone who only eats meat or foods with meat in it.

Antonym: Vegetarian, Vegan
John is such a meatist. He even wears a PETA shirt but on the back it reads People Eating Tasty Animals and not People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
by Ty1 October 18, 2007
11 3
One who is against the movement for equal rights for all meats, no matter their shape, size, color, texture, smell, taste, etc. See Hamburger Power
I hate fish. I am a meatist.
by Whopper King Jr April 25, 2007
2 2
One who discriminates against others who have meat on their bones.
"Timmy didn't go for Beyonce because he's a meatist."
by BrownsvilleGirl April 15, 2005
4 4