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1. One who promotes the devouring of animal flesh in an antagonizing way.
2. Those who are judgmental against Vegetarians, Vegans, &/or Fruitarians.
3. Someone who only eats meat or foods with meat in it.

Antonym: Vegetarian, Vegan
John is such a meatist. He even wears a PETA shirt but on the back it reads People Eating Tasty Animals and not People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
by Ty1 October 18, 2007
One who is against the movement for equal rights for all meats, no matter their shape, size, color, texture, smell, taste, etc. See Hamburger Power
I hate fish. I am a meatist.
by Whopper King Jr April 25, 2007
One who discriminates against others who have meat on their bones.
"Timmy didn't go for Beyonce because he's a meatist."
by BrownsvilleGirl April 15, 2005
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