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The past tense form of the word meat. Means to pork a bean or ass-pound a fudge packer.
Mathias - "Yo. I meated that girl Olga last night on the beach. Then I meated her friend Calvin"

Jamal - "Shit's real, niqqa."
by TittySlamSwag June 26, 2011
5 3
high / and/ or / drunk. Sometimes really ugly.
" Dog i am going to be gettin mad meated this weekend"
" Ye u gettin booze?"
" yeah"
" Are u gettin it in with olivia?"
by Nah b March 11, 2008
25 12
To be exhausted, worn out and/or ugly
Bro, tell me why your shoes are tooooo meated
by TooMeated February 01, 2011
4 3
to be extremely ugly; very unattractive
yo that bitch is meated, she will never find a man looking like that.
by raayyych August 11, 2010
2 3
a dirty word for sex
he meated her up the arse
by tim hol December 09, 2004
9 14
screwed or made fun of
Damn! I got meated in my debate round!
by Hackenberger's Novice Debate Class November 20, 2007
5 15