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A bad word. Worse then "shit"
One of the worse words for someone to say. Actually means stuff you get as an appetizer at thai food resturaunts.
""Meatcrob" is way grosser then "shit" dude." - Tom

"I'de scarf down a whole red bucket of shit before i eat another plate of meatcrob." - Eric

"You are so full of meatcrob" - Kevin

by Paul Kologinczak March 03, 2007
Someone who is really snobby, cries a lot and is hated by everyone.
The drunken meatcrob shit herself.

Boy i hate that fucking meatcrob.

who invited Meatcrob?
by slugtopia69 January 29, 2009
the female gooch, sometimes reffered to as a cooch. Splits while givig birth.
"when kelly gave birth her meat crob split, it's still healing."
by Biff Johnson February 17, 2004
the brown noise played on an instrument at the lowest note
you and i just played the meatcrob
by joe March 09, 2005
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