Rock climber slang for a falling climber.
The meatbombs were falling all over the cliff that day.

That guy just meatbombed onto a stopper.
by caughtinside September 26, 2007
Top Definition
A female who was physically fit in her teen years but became excessively obese later in life. Sightings often celebrating by singing a modified version of Matthew Good Band's "Hello Time Bomb".
Jessica was such a smokeshow in high school - now look at that flabby pig! What a meatbomb.
by El Capitano Ahab July 19, 2011
Slang term for skydiver. Often used among pilots, jumpers and others associated in some way with aviation. It has a somewhat morbid connotation to it, hinting that if the parachutist's equipment should fail, or (more common) the parachutist should make a gross mistake, that he will explode upon impact much like a bomb made out of meat.
Pilot 1: Heading of 0232, skydiving commencing at an altitude of 11,000 feet--2 minutes. Please clear airspace.

Pilot 2: Copy that.

Pilot 1: Meat bombs out the door, remain clear.
by get fucked! August 10, 2007
extremely large breasts, too large for everyday comfort and pleasure, larger than the hand can handle.
wow mandy has huge meatbombs
those meatbombs are too dangerous to motorboat
by rtcan March 09, 2008
An individual who willingly throws themself out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft in flight.

Comes in civilian and military varieties and can also be classed as 'self-launching cargo'.

Note: This term becomes even more appropriate if the parachute fails to deploy before reaching the ground.
Take these six meatbombs to 5,000ft and stay downwind of the powerlines this time!
by Fuegozorro October 26, 2006
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