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(noun) A place, quite interesting in itself. Meatbird can only be found in Lively, Ontario, Canada. Things to do at meatbird:

a. drown
b. get covered in goose shit
c. get cancer
d. get high
e. get cold
f. smoke
g. get laid
h. swim
Jennifer and Jacob swam at Meatbird.
by Jake H. October 10, 2004
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"Fuckin' "meat bird" at the bar thought she was pretty damn hot, eh. I mean, she has a cute face but I'll bet she can't even wipe her own ass"
by WinlikeSheen July 28, 2011
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A chick who has a wicked face but a slightly chubby body. This chick would be super hot if she had a tidy rig.
Dave: Gary you should have seen this chick I ruined last night.

Gary: Oh yeah mate, but na it was you that got ruined.

Dave: What are you on about?

Gary: Well she was massive, but na good work.

Dave: Fuck you mate, she had a wicked face.

Gary: Oath. But that's about all she had going for her.

Dave: Are you serious? I was macking her all over the shop and it was awesome.

Gary: Yeah mate did you try to put your hands around her?

Dave: I was slaughtered, how would I know?

Gary: Yeah I saw her and she had a fat arse, she was taller sitting down.

Dave: Holy shit I did a meatbird didn't I?

Gary: Yeah mate... again.
by ryan hallett September 20, 2010
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