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Protective screen consisting of living human bodies (mostly conscripts) i.e. walking in front of a tank, important command unit etc. to clear mines or block a line of sight from enemy units.

Term commonly used by tabletop wargamers (i.e. 40k)
"My tank has a meatshield because it is covered for more than 50% by this stormtrooper squad!"
by Metahumanoid July 29, 2008
Using a character from Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike: Source or other Valve games as shields to take the damage to save your own health.
Left 4 Dead:

Bill-"That's alot of zombies ahead!"

Francis-"Zoey, why don't you go take a look?"

Zoey-"What do I look like? Some meatshield?"
by Witch_Crwn3r March 23, 2009

FFIX (Final fantasy 9)
Quina u meat shield get back up or your fired.
by Hitman June 03, 2004
Member of the Armed forces, particularly a grunt or ground forces unit.
marine corps, meatshield
by Jennifer Russo January 09, 2010
Just like a radiation shield protects you from radiation and a riot shield protects you from rioters, the meat shield protects you from meat.
Is Ane making kebab!? Get the meatshield, quick!
by Atzel December 09, 2006
person which stops a bullet for someone else using their body

rule number 1.
1. Dedicated meat shield is always the lesser cool person.

rule number 2.
2. If you're name is lauren o' boyle, you are always meat shield
Lauren is a meat shield.
by Urban Dictionary-ary September 24, 2006
A person who interferes with two other people having sexual intercourse simply by their presence. Essentially the same as a cock blocker.
Dude, I totally would have banged that girl at the White Deer, but her fat friend was a total meat shield.
by Pookasydi July 10, 2008