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vagina, anus, dick hole or any other cavernous meaty orifice. Can be used interchangeably to add mystery to any conversation.
Mike: ok well im going to go knock myself out for 8 hours
Mike: in my meat cave
Jes: lol
Jes: don't tell me that
Jes: you're disgusting
Mike: haha good night
by Whoopi Goldberg February 28, 2007
Refers to a womans vagina.
You dirty Meat Cave!
by MustbeGus December 04, 2006
The place all men wants to enter, teh vagina.
Oh lordy lord, did you see her meatcave up and close?

Mr peepeemaker wants to go visit your meatcave right NOW!
by fancy hans August 01, 2005
a once top secret word used by splunkers pertaining to their craft.
other words its a womans vagina
your a dirty meat meat cave!
hey, can i go splunking in your meat cave?
by MustbeGus December 05, 2006
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