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another word for a penis.
"Blow on my dick like a meat whistle you whore!"
by MT Sack June 21, 2003
78 33
A dick, particulaly referring to a dick being sucked
Get on your knees, bitch, and play my meat whistle
by microsoft_bastard March 24, 2003
172 51
A whistle that is made of meat, generally penile meat that has a musical tune played on it such as "Nic Nac Patty Whack" typically by a woman. Although the "Meat Whistle" usually belongs to the male, it sometmes belongs to the transgender female. The tune can still be played on the transgender, however, that would in most circumstances mean that the "tune player" would be gay or really butch although still in female form.
Look here you filthy me a tune on my Meat Whistle before I choke you until you die!!!!
by Bryan Poitras January 04, 2008
49 23
A. A penis
B. Something to be put in the mouth and blown on.
c.A tasty treat women enjoy eating.
Michael, endowed wid his massive, dark Meat Whistle, offered a taste to Nicole. He felt like king after Nicole had blown on it hardcore.
by nella nayr May 18, 2005
57 34
A term referring to the male human penis.

The act of performing fellatio.
"Hey baby, want to give me a meat-whistle?"

"Wow, look at my meat-whistle!"
by Anna April 09, 2004
24 11
Slang for a penis
Do you want to join my band? You can play my meat whistle
by Big Pimpin Ed June 14, 2010
7 1

Nice hard thick cock that a woman can't wait to get her mouth on.

Nicole couldn't wait any longer and ripped off Ned's drawz to get to his meat whistle
by naughtynurse September 08, 2007
21 17