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noun. A flap of gut that hangs over the pants, usually covering the belt. can be applied to both man or woman
Me: Damn I thought I saw this hot girl then she took off her jacket and her meat skirt fell out and covered up most of her Billy Ray Cyrus belt buckle
You: stop sleeping with my mom!
by kill yourself please October 03, 2005
someone who was big at one point and lost alot of wieght often through Gastric Bypass Surgery and has left over skin from the stomach that hangs and covers the genetals and uper thighs like a skirt
dude shes got a pretty face but she needs to stop wearing belly shirts,i can see her meat skirt!!
by petrabbit February 05, 2010
The pouch that male cats often have that hangs from their stomach area. It hangs down such that when the male cat is sitting down it looks like a meatskirt.
That cat's meatskirt is very large and bulbous.
by jessikad September 19, 2008
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