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A great girl/girlfriend who wakes you up before you need to get up by sucking your big fat cock every morning. BJ Rooster works fine as well
Me: man that girl ive been seeing is such a Blow Job rooster. Everday at 7:55am.
Your Dad: stop fucking my wife.
by kill yourself please October 02, 2005
The answer for poor but cultured people's true hatred of bud light beer and the rednecks that drink it. It was born of natural ingredients, and still a smooth refreshing beer (not really but damn its cheap). Also a status symbol among elitist dub-v born males trying to make a better name for their state.
redneck at a party: hey man u want a bud-light?
me: Fuck you. *cracks open a Busch*
by kill yourself please October 03, 2005
cheap, Wal-mart type marijuana. named for the shape of the package it comes in when smuggled through the Mexican border.
Sell me mexican brick for 300 dollars an OZ again and ill stab your eyes out with a rusty spoon
by kill yourself please October 07, 2005
the beginning of every juicy gossip story. Because these people aren't exact they must just be like.
So she's like "that's a slutty dress" and I'm like "go fuck yourself"
by kill yourself please November 30, 2005
The red outline on a persons body (usually forehead) left by a heavy slapping of a man's penis. This is the result where said victim has ran their mouth too much, didn't give head, or passed out drunk.
I gave that bitch so many mushroom marks that her forehead looked like the background of a smurfs episode.
by kill yourself please October 05, 2005
A. pose where someone who should be doing something more constructive but just stands there being a worthless maggot
B. Not taking advantage of a situation

Also a good chorus to a song:*slow depressing beat*
Standing with a dick in his hand
nobody understands
why he's standing *beat beat*
standing with a dick in his hand

song is usually sung after someone claims that someone is standing around with a dick in their hand.
Bill Horton: God dammit stop standing around with a dick in your hand and get back to work.
Me: that fine girl was smiling at me but all i could do was stand around with my dick in my hand.
by kill yourself please October 03, 2005
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