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an excuse, typically one made up by someone who doesn't want people to come over to his or her house.
(over the phone)

Pablo: Hey man, mind if we come over?

Russ: Nah, I'm eating dinner with my parents. (aside) Hey mom, could you pass the meat sauce?

Pablo: We know you're alone, there are no cars in the driveway.
by Gespacho March 07, 2010
Ejaculate. Semen. Jizz.
Rico Suave was eating a pink taco and getting meat sauce all over the place.
by hondo July 05, 2005
an idiot, a moron, a goof - somebody who lacks intelligence
"Tyrone's dead?! What happened?!"
"He got drunk, ran into a pole, passed out and drown in a puddle of his own puke"
"What a fuckin meatsauce"
by g00se May 02, 2007
Red sauce with meat in it.
I like meat sauce on pasta.
by Theory's apprentice June 30, 2006
The opposite of weak sauce. Refers to someone/something awesome, also known as the real shit.
I'm a meat sauce. Vegetarians are weak sauces.
by nikekola November 26, 2011
A word to describe an action that is stupid or moronic performed by a meat head.
Jeff: I'm going to drop and out school and go to the show (nhl)"

Adam: You're such a meat sauce
by jeff_standon April 06, 2008
verb, meaning a huge victory for a team that had a large presence on both offense and defense.
"Dude, how about that game yesterday? We had six touchdowns and a safety?!"

"Yeah, man, we meatsauced 'em!"
by photosbyrobert October 05, 2008