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--a late night meal that has nothing to do with a salad. This meal has all or most of it deep fried with the ingredients on hand and is usually consumed with catchup and hot sauce and ESPN Sport Center...
~"Jesus Lord!, that meat salad will kill you!"
~"What?!, you never had mozzarella sticks, french fries, bacon, and chicken fingers with cheese, as a snack before?!?"
~Alright James, you win, pass the catchup...
by 1:30 a.m. foods July 10, 2008
someone whom is of no use to anyone.
you son are about as useful as a meat salad to a vegetarian.
by Jourdy22 January 27, 2015
A gaggle of hot men dressing a straight woman up in nothing but adoration, usually done in a bedroom or other similar setting.
"'Erik invited his guys from the firehouse over last night, and that was one DELICIOUS meat salad', said Emily."
by Luchiapet September 01, 2014
that bike over in the corner of the garage that has a new set of handle bars but also three flat tires and a rusty chain; the delectable-looking box of brownies that Johnny brings into class when you know that he's got a terrible drooling problem and his mother let him help with the baking; a myriad of beverages you encounter in a perfectly lit vending machine, however, every single choice is diet

basically, a large quantity of something that would normally be great but no one really wants or knows what to do with

in summation: "whatever"
"I got to go see my favorite band ever on a paid weekend excursion; but to my dismay the homeless man riding next to me in the bus to our destination, some city named Toledo, threw up vigorously upon my lap. It was meat salad"

"He tried to wear the same color pants, shirt, and shoes but they were slightly different tones; and to tell you the truth, the idea wasn't all too great of one in the first place. The result, and I'm not speaking of Lady GaGa, was a sort of meat-salad outfit."

"I could have gotten you a roast beef sub instead of this tuna-pickle sandwich on pumpernickel, but the lady at the deli counter told me that the beef was fourteen days old."
by siezeallofthethings June 10, 2012
When three or more men mush their penises together, Or perform in hardcore sexual activities.
I'll have a meat salad, hold the dressing.
by The Painsley May 28, 2010
contents of a hamburger, or cheeseburger, only wrapped in lettuce, not on a bun. also called "protein style"

For healthy people, who have a burger craving

served at almost all fast-food hamburger places.
someone walks into a popular burger place and orders a double-double, protein style.

I would like a double-double w/cheese, protein style to go.

I will take one meat-salad please
by arkitetk June 09, 2006
A woman's vagina; particularly the labia.
He promised eternal chastity, but then two stanzas farther on, once the key to
the chastity belt had been found, the poet wallowed in the usual meat salad.
by G Grass March 15, 2009
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