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a picture or video of 1 or more hot and scantily clad person(s) on the internet. Usually a chick or female, but can also be a male or a hot lady with a penis.
1. Damn! that chick on that world star hip hop dancing to Big Sean A$$ song is a meat platter.

2. OMG Kyle! You can't have that meat platter all up on your monitor at work!
by tipthecosmic May 01, 2012
A non-discriminating, promiscuous, heavy set, slut that's more than willing, for a few drinks and maybe a cheeseburger, to dribble off her panties and spread her legs for anyone's sexual pleasure.
Dude I'm horned. I need a piece of ass bad.

You are in luck. Tina's at the end of the bar. Buy her a couple drinks and offer to run to the McDonald's drive though and you'll get that meat platter for sure.
by Dick Betweenus December 17, 2015
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