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A slang alternate to the word penis.
"I am going to slap you right in the face with my meat log", said Marcus.
by Jame Ski July 29, 2014
A mans Cock, penis, hog,boytoy,etc
I was giving him my meatlog and blasted him with my cock snot
by Mikie J. December 29, 2004
A strange concotion of various mechanically seperated animals and/or byproducts stuffed into an edible casing. Can be found on various holidays, usually as an accessory to cheese baskets, or at the work Christmas party in the secretary.
Just what I always wanted, a meatlog! (n)

The meatlog slapped her face gently at first.. (adj)

Go meatlog yourself fool! (v)
by HaleHH January 11, 2006
A guy's penis.
That's a mighty big meatlog you got there sir, allow me to meet gays.

Want to taste my meatlog?
by KISWDon September 29, 2008
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