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a vagina packed full of loose sloppy roastbeef. looks like a taco full of deli sliced meat. overuse and over stretching can make a meat locker out of a pussy
With one look at Amanda's meat locker I knew she had spent alot of time getting pounded by huge cocks.
by bhap August 24, 2006
An area to place your meat (dick)
Cindy also goes by Meat Locker.

Hey, Meat Locker thanks for last night!
by Big Ole Black Daddy November 16, 2005
A Slang term often used to mean a vagina or the sort.
Hey, i want to put my weiner in you meat locker.
by Andrew Hirsch March 31, 2006
Basically its a vagina, if you put it together in your head it makes sense. Ask yourself the question, what locks meat?
I am going to punch her in her meatlocker tonight.
by blademaster21212 February 27, 2008
When a guy keeps multiple pictures of his genitals on his phone so when he meets a new girl he can immediately send her a sausage photo.
Hey, Bobby has too many pics in his meat locker to send to that girl he met in the bar.
by Bose21 September 16, 2015
Term used for woman whose only use in a relationship is for sex
Guy 1: Hey, whose that chick you was with the other day

Guy 2: Oh her?.. she's my little MeatLocker
by ProjectBorn November 10, 2009
The location where the male genitals are kept, inside his pants.
She kicked him in the meat locker.
by Timmy-Emma January 09, 2008
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