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a ladies nether regions, a muscular tulip
I raised her leather mini-skirt and pulled her sopping panties to one side then used index finger to arouse her garden of desire: BEHOLD! THE GLISTENING "MEAT FLOWER"!
by the bitches December 23, 2006
13 6

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a. Noun Any of four folds of tissue of the female external genitalia
b. Noun The labia majora and minora.
Man, I bet that young woman has one sexy meatflower.
by Dan March 10, 2004
8 1
other word for vagina, mostly used by someone who wants to be a bit poetic.
I'm gonna eat your meatflower tonight, honey.
by John&Helen October 20, 2007
4 2
The feminine pleasure center. More clinically referred to as the vagina.
Nick may not have been a horticulturist, but he spent many hours happily tending to my meatflower.
by sistahfistah January 17, 2007
1 3