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mdo is a suffix meaning "my dick off." It is used by appending the first letter of a gerund in order to create an acronym that signifies one is going all out to complete a task. It works on the basis of hyperbole by stating that one is working so hard on something that it somehow causes their dick to fall off.
Possible uses could include:

wmdo = writing my dick off
pmdo = presenting my dick off/proofreading my dick off/partying my dick off
amdo = animating my dick off
smdo = sleeping my dick off

...With infinite possibilities
by Friar Sloth November 06, 2010
short description for 'more day old.'

1. Used to describe when something is out of fashion.

2. When you are totally completely over something.
"American Idol is getting so MDO"
by bgrizzly July 01, 2009
Sexeh spy named myrmidon
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
Modern Day Outlaws; A splendid TFC clan led by Helix. MDO ranked 3rd in the Iron Division of the UGC League in Season 3.
"i hate MDO they always fucking kill me"
by ... September 30, 2003
A Bunch OF People with Smelly Feet
by Anonymous November 09, 2003

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