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Very inexpensive, delicious wine that comes in 7 or 8 fruity flavors. Wrekes havoc on the guts of some, but how can you bitch about getting wasted for less than $3? The flat bottles feel good to drink from as well.
I'd like to be able to squirt a turkey baster of md 20/20 directly onto my brain each day before work.
by nomorebushpleasegodnomorebush December 05, 2003
a delightful breakfast beverage.
mad dog mango is the perfect breakfast before a stressful day of class
by chris bissonnette January 22, 2004
MD 20/20, also knows as Mad Dog 20/20 or just Mad Dog, is a cheap wine that comes in several delicious flavors. It can be had for under three dollars and is widely available. Taste is a matter of personal preference, however many drinkers enjoy it.
"Man, that MD 20/20 was some good sheet!"

"Dude, I spiked that punchbowl with Banana Red MD 20/20!"
by Conrad January 28, 2005
AKA. Mad Dog 20/20.
A brand of fortified wine, beloved by wino’s and those keen on regurgitation.
Please would you hold this bottle of MD 20/20 for me while I am violently and repeatedly sick.
by Prof. Wormwood August 03, 2004
mad dog 20/20
Very inexpensive alcohol that is usually consumed by high schoolers and hard core alcoholics.
Hey I bought some grape md 20/20 to drink after the prom.
by hidollarho February 25, 2004
A wonderful group wine, when looking to get tore up with a quickness. Careful who you share this delightful treat with for some may be a lost cause. This drink should be consumed by good friends on a quest to get fucked up.
"Hey Snake, he who brought it got it"
"Circle up, time for the Mad Dizzle, bitches!"
"Don't fire up the boat, we still need to hit up the Deezy"
by Jason February 10, 2005
A wino lick-and-a-kick delight with 7 (Orange Jubilee my favorite) fragrant detonations; that special ingredient warms the special part of your soul known as the alterego, that feindish sleaze-muck that comes out swinging.
hand me that 20/20! It's MinE!
by Alex Petersen January 07, 2004
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