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to get crossed by a crazy bitch physco girl.
were sorry miss johnson, your son was mcnaired.
by tzone89 July 08, 2009
Mcnaired is when your jump off gives the signals that he or she is capable of killing you. Used as a precautionary statement that is really saying: Listen, I think you need to end that relationship before you get McNaired....
Me: Damn, my jumpoff has been texting me all day...I just don't answer.

You: Okay man, don't get better handle that....
by supadax July 06, 2009
To be shot multiple times. Interchangable with the term swiss cheesed.
example 1

person 1: you heard? Steve Mcnair got shot up by his crazy ass bitch on the side. Straight up Swiss Cheesed.

Person 2: I suppose you could say he got "McNaired."

example 2

New York City, 1999, Police "McNaired" a young Amadou Diallo.
by tgoodman August 02, 2009
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