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(Noun) : (1) A manly man, a male of true grit capable of memorizing verifiable libraries of sports facts and using said knowledge to accurately predict current athletic events in real time. (2) One who is capable of taking, and sinking, the big shot to send the game into overtime in a dazzling display of last minute heroics...
(Verb) To be McKissick'ed
(1) The act or process of having one's hopes and dreams shattered by a sudden and unexpected change of events
To pull a' McKissick': "Oh man, I thought we had had them, then that kid pulled a McKissick and it was all downhill from there!"

by sean mac md August 25, 2006
A rather dorky girl who struggles at most everything.
That was such a Mckissick thing to do.
by chadske August 11, 2005
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