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a fat beast who looks normal from behind, but when he turns sideways ladies faint n babies cry. has no sense of logic, and when people logically rape him(which is often), he throws a hissy fit. wishes he would walk without shaking the ground
mcgoldrick is a waste of life
by joe March 18, 2005
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A proud Irish name descended from Cetlic Kings. A clan of people not to be messed with. Ruthless and cunning in nature but with a high moral code. Funny and quick to laugh, but quick to anger although once justice is served quick to move on.
Won't suffer fools, but pride means that whiny ass bitches who slag off the name without thinking to hard about it may well suffer consequences
buddy - This irish dude just went crazy at me, for calling his mum a whore

buddy2 - Thats the McGoldrick in him
by GoldCrack June 24, 2010

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