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(v): To crash and burn immediately in whatever monumental task is at hand.
1. Ha, can you believe the CIA pulled another McCoy with that Xmas bomber?

2. Was it near as bad as the McCoy ol'Colt pulled 4 mins into the Crimson Tide game?
by swabmyears January 08, 2010
9 36
the realest person you could ever meet...
That guy right there is the real mccoy. he's very professional.
by Sun Rhythms October 13, 2004
199 67
Main Entry: Mc·Coy
Pronunciation: Mick Coy
Function: noun

1: "The real McCoy" is a phrase used to mean "the real thing" or "the genuine article" e.g. "he's the real McCoy". This idiom is frequently misspelled "The real MacCoy".

2: Used to desribe someone who acts, resembles or talks like a hillbilly or country bumpkin including engaging in ongoing family feuds. Referring to the infamous warring families of the West Virginia(The Hatfields)-Kentucky(The McCoys) backcountry along the Tug Fork River

3: Used to describe someone who's always interjecting a humanistic element in conversations with phrases like... "He's dead Jim" or "I'm a doctor not a..." Referring to Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek.
1: This wristwatch is the real McCoy and not some knock off from the vendor down the street.

2: Dude, you're looking pretty McCoy, why don't you go take a shower.

3: Dammit Jim, I'm a car mechanic, not a brain surgeon!
by Mr Johnny Smoke July 30, 2006
98 37
def1. The real thing def2. The one and only
That one is the real McCoy.
by Chris October 22, 2003
87 30
A hot, sexy, pimp.
I'm here to make sweet love to your mom.
by McCoy July 01, 2003
92 73

1) a down-to-earth, helpful person
2) a stellar human being
1) dance without being judge
2) dancing with confidence
1) confident
2) kind
That girl is such a McCoy, she always helps her friends out!
by im nobody May 09, 2013
11 3
A wise-ass.

(Jack McCoy, from the television show Law & Order.)
"I just baked some cookies, and now they are gone. Did you eat them all?"

"Who are you-- Jack McCoy?"
by farbisine August 08, 2004
67 61