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McConville is one of your old-old skool friends, the kid who lived on your street in 1974. He was a basic Eddie Haskell-type character.
"...oh that McConville boy is so polite"... "such a little gentleman"... But in reality he showed you how to light m-80's when you were seven, and taught you how to throw snowballs at cars without getting caught. He says his favorite band is Black Sabbath but it's really Bon Jovi. He's the world's most loyal Yankees fan. "Don't let McConville hear you say The Yankees stink, he'll go nuts and you'll never hear the end of it"... "What's McConville up to these days? "
#spanky #sparky #rascal #bro #dude
by TheBK May 28, 2014
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McConville, Ian: Illustrator of, an Uber-1337 webcomic
Ian McConville is not a noob.
by h4cl person January 05, 2004
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