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Stomach ache from eating at McAssflame's, formerly known as McDonald's.

Supersize Me
I got the McStomach ache, the McBrick, The McGas
by Death February 03, 2005
After eating a crap load of McDonalds the horrible after effect that occurs in a near by bathroom. Usually leaving the consumer incapacitated and sore.This term was coined by the brave man who starred in the movie Supersize Me!
Dude after eating at McDonalds i hate to take the most horrible McBrick
by wild_card05 December 20, 2006
The result of eating way too much McDonalds.
"Yo man, it's a construction zone in that bathroom, i just layed some mcbricks."
by swallybird April 16, 2010
The famous, big, smelly, and gross shit that generally follows after munchin down on sum mickey D's.
Shit, I just took a McBrick in your bathroom bro.
by b the don May 29, 2008
The feeling that you have a brick in your stomach after eating greasy fast food.
Man 1: Dude maybe I shouldn't have supersized...damn McBrick...
Man2: Might as well have drank a bucket of concrete.
by redsky237 October 12, 2010